Gifts, Benefits And Hospitality – Alcohol Beverages Australia (ABA)

Sep 15, 2015

Dated: Sept 15
Review: Sept 18

This policy applies to all ABA staff at all times while they are representing the organisation or where breach could affect the reputation of the organisation, including out of usual business hours. All staff are expected to comply, and breach of this policy can result in significant disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

Receiving non-monetary gifts (from any source) with a retail value of more than $100 will be declared on the gift list and put into the gift pool for donation to charity; the only exception being an individual package of alcohol drink provided to a staff member by a member of Council or the Working Group. Non-monetary gifts of less than $100 retail value may be accepted but should be declared on the gift list.

The giving of monetary gifts to any external stakeholder by ABA staff is strictly forbidden without written approval of Council or the Executive Committee. The giving of non-monetary gifts to any external stakeholder by ABA staff will only be allowed with written approval of the Executive Director and will never exceed a retail value of $50 without separate approval from the Council or Executive Committee.

Note that non-monetary gifts include but are not limited to accommodation, event tickets, tours, travel and bottles of alcohol drink as well as physical items. Meals are covered separately under Expenses policy.

Council members – those persons representing the companies and associations that pay membership fees to ABA in any form.

Working Group – those persons representing member companies that, as a result of the special level of fees that they pay, are entitled to nominate a person to the Working Group

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