Moderate drinking better than none to avoid bowel cancer

A recent study published in the prestigious International Journal of Cancer[1] shows there is now a clear benefit from drinking moderately- one or two glasses per day limits the risk of bowel cancer. The study, which reviewed 16 published studies across the United...

12/12/18 Increased alcohol taxes won’t deter those at risk of obesity

Increasing alcohol prices has been proven to be ineffective in reducing consumption among those at risk of harms, with those who drink at the highest levels also the least likely to reduce their consumption when prices go up. Responding to a study released overnight...
2018 ABA Celebration of Industry Event Gallery

2018 ABA Celebration of Industry Event Gallery

On November 27, 2018, a host of Parliamentarians, staffers and industry stakeholders gathered at Parliament House in Canberra for the 2018 Alcohol Beverages Australia Celebration of Industry Event.

Australia’s alcohol trends continue in right direction

Australia’s relationship with alcohol remains on the right track with today’s release of the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Apparent Consumption of Alcohol Data showing the lowest rate of per capita drinking since 1961-62. Read more