Drinks Industry and Governments provide a helping hand

A number of Governments have helped throw a lifeline to hospitality and tourism workers by allowing on-premises to provide a take-away service and from the raft of business support measures – such as payroll, rent, liquor licencing fees and other forms of relief.

Beer, Wine, and Spirits producers have converted their production facilities towards filling the huge demand for hand sanitiser, and retailers have moved fast to convert their stores so social distancing can be maintained, and protect their team members.

Mr Andrew Wilsmore, CEO of Alcohol Beverages Australia today said “These are unprecedented times which have required Governments and industry to work together to provide Australians a helping hand through the Coronavirus and self-isolation.

“Many States and Territories are actively seeking to support our hospitality workers by creating special conditions that allow bars, hotels and restaurants to provide take-away sales.

“In responding to requests for help from Governments, healthcare providers and hospitals, many liquor producers are producing ethanol and making antiseptic hand sanitiser.

“Retailers have responded to ensure strong social distancing and responsible purchasing.  Many retailers have put in place moderate restrictions on alcohol purchases to ensure there are no out-of-stock issues as seen within the grocery market; and are converting their layouts, service areas and carparks to maintain social distancing requirements for staff and customers. In the online space, the Retail Drinks Australia Online Code of Conduct is being updated to keep delivery drivers and customers safe.

“Promoting adherence to self-isolation requires the home environment to be convivial and the ability to access everyday items such as a beer, wine, spirit or cider (which are a part of Australian culture) should be viewed as being critical to self-isolation success.

“Our industry has a longstanding commitment to responsible consumption, and we trust that Australians will maintain the dramatic cultural shift that has occurred over the last twenty years to a drinking culture where moderation is the new norm.

“DrinkWise, an industry-funded body, has and continues to educate the community about the need to moderate if consuming alcohol, particularly in the current environment as Australians self-isolate.

“Our farmers, producers, packaging and materials suppliers, transport and logistics operators and retailers all advise they have put measures in place to deliver higher levels of health and safety and ensure jobs are retained and the normal flow of product to Australians can continue during these uncertain times.

“The work of Governments and industry are helping support the 600,000 jobs that depend on our sector getting through this crisis,” Mr Wilsmore said.

+ DrinkWise link:
“The importance of moderation during COVID-19”



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