Industry welcomes review of Pregnancy Warning Label

The decision by Food Forum Ministers to review the proposed pregnancy warning label designed by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) has been welcomed by the industry.

“Our industry has made it very clear that we support mandatory labelling to help reduce FASD, however we need a solution that is proportionate to other mandated food warnings and cost-effective to implement,” says Mr Andrew Wilsmore, Chief Executive Officer of Alcohol Beverages Australia.

The proposed design was the most expensive to implement and we calculated it would impose another $ 400 million* on industry when the advice** to Ministers from FSANZ and the Department of Health recognised that health warning labels on alcohol do not lead to behaviour change.

“The decision to review the label design and wording is sensible, especially as our industry, like so many others, is facing hardship in these uncertain times.”

Industry made close to 100 submissions to FSANZ all arguing against the proposed design. Finally, these legitimate concerns have been heard.

The industry is keen to partner with Governments to ensure a sensible outcome that will help reduce FASD and be cost-effective for all producers, especially small businesses.


Video from Andrew Wilsmore


*2008 Pricewaterhouse Coopers Report for FSANZ identifying an average cost of $ 9000 to $10,000 for a major label change

** Decision Regulatory Impact Statement, Food Regulation Secretariat, Department of Health; ANZFA 2001 (now Food Standards Australia New Zealand) Rejection of Application A359 – Requiring Labelling of Alcoholic Beverages with a Warning Statement.



Media enquiries:

Andrew Wilsmore, Chief Executive

Ph: 0403 570 407


Correction Via Letter To Editor – Sydney Morning Herald

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