Alcohol And Health

Light to moderate drinking can be good for your health and wellbeing because it reduces the risk of cardio-vascular disease and is considered to be cardio-protective.  Moderate alcohol consumers also have a lower risk than abstainers of developing both Type 2 diabetes and the inter-related Metabolic Syndrome.

Light to moderate drinking can be an enjoyable part of a healthy lifestyle, but if you have any concerns about your health you should talk to your GP.

Multiple risk factors are involved in the development of health problems and the mix is different for each person, but they include genetic, environmental and behavioural variables.

If you’re drinking responsibly as part of a balanced lifestyle, alcohol shouldn’t cause you any weight problems.

Alcohol, like diesel engine exhaust, air pollution, processed meat, soot, solar radiation, salted fish and wood dust, has been linked to cancers and it is generally accepted the risk increases as consumption increases.

Alcohol Beverages Australia believes it’s up to the individual to make sensible decisions about these risks.

For industry media comment regarding specific health issues please contact Alcohol Beverages Australia

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