Industry Contribution


The Australian alcohol beverage industry makes a substantial contribution to Australia’s employment and economy, and to Commonwealth and State tax revenue.

The alcohol beverages industry provides jobs for more than 404,000 Australians and injects more than $19.7 billion every year into the Australian economy, including a massive $5.9 billion in tax revenue.

The alcohol industry provides much needed jobs, including all important entry level opportunities in every country town, every city suburb and everywhere in between.

Millions of Australians got their first job in the alcohol industry and more than half of all Australian workers have worked in hospitality at some stage in their working life.

The alcohol beverage industry also makes a very substantial contribution to the levels of sociability and quality of life for the 15 million Australians who responsibly consume our products.

The alcohol industry provides drinks, entertainment, and important community gathering points which millions of Australians use every day to relax, celebrate and socialise.

The alcohol industry also provides much needed financial and other support to more than 58,000 community groups across Australia.

Total Employees: 404,117
Total Economic Contribution: $19.7 billion
Total Tax Paid: $5.9 billion
Total Community Groups Supported: 58,103

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