Latest survey shows young Australians relationship with alcohol continues to improves

With the majority of Australians (83.2%[1]) drinking in moderation and within the guidelines, it should come as no surprise that this latest survey[2] shows their relationship with alcohol is a sensible one and largely devoid of harms.

Alcohol Beverages Australia CEO Andrew Wilsmore said; “Our youngest generation should be applauded, rather than demonised, as they are driving one of the most significant cultural changes we have ever seen.

The most recent data from the National Drug Strategy Household survey shows almost three quarters of 14-17-year-olds have never consumed alcohol, rising from 32 per cent just 20 years ago.

“And those over 18 continue to reduce the amount and frequency of when they drink, with per capita consumption at 50-year lows.

“Like most Australians who consume in moderation, a beer watching sport, a glass of wine with dinner or a celebration cocktail is a normal part of Australian life.

“It should be unsurprising that younger people are legally celebrating more since coming out of covid lockdowns. The majority of their drinking is occasion-based and with sport back on, dancing allowed and musicians reoccupying hospitality venues, young people are getting out and enjoying these activities again.

“Most Australians see risk through a very different lens than the NHMRC advice which has been shown to not have provided Australians with the real facts to make informed decisions[3].

“Instead of trying to create a false sense of concern, Australians deserve a pat on the back for changing our culture to one where moderation is the norm,” said Mr Wilsmore.

[1] AIHW NDSHS 2019

[2] As reported in media on the new research by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation

[3] Australians should have no faith in new drinking guidelines


Correction Via Letter To Editor – Sydney Morning Herald

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