Alcohol Beverages Australia is the champion of industry & responsible drinkers.

The economic contribution of Australia's alcohol industry.

Our Role

As the national body representing the interests of drinks manufacturers, distributors, retailers and the 16 million drinkers of alcohol beverages in Australia, our aim is to create a sustainable alcohol beverages industry to support the livelihoods of half a million Australians.

We represent everyone in the industry – from the award-winning makers, to the warm hospitality, tourism and retail workers who deliver drinks to enjoy as part of a balanced lifestyle.

We advocate for the industry ensuring regulations are balanced for long term sustainability and certainty in the market, while working with all stakeholders to minimise the harms associated with alcohol misuse.

We support policies and regulations that target specific at-risk groups as the most effective way of changing behaviour for those who need it.

The Future of our industry:

Discover our current economic contribution to Australia and learn how these figures could grow exponentially, with the right measures are in place.


Policy & Research


Our policy positions on domestic advertising; marketing and promotions; general consumption; pregnancy warning labels; violence; obesity; taxation and pricing and more.


Read about the work we are doing and what we have submitted to date. Our aim is to protect the industry’s social and economic contribution to our society, and we are focused on contributing to a safe, convivial, responsible and sustainable environment across Australia.

Our Members

Representation from all parts of the Australian alcohol beverages industry.

News & Media

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