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Responsible drinking can be an enjoyable part of a healthy lifestyle and the Australian alcohol beverages industry advertises its products responsibly.

The Australian alcohol beverages industry adheres to one of the world’s strongest regulatory codes covering all marketing, including social media and sponsorship.

Australian alcohol advertising meets community expectations. The Advertising Standard Bureau reports that alcohol advertising makes up only 1.3% of all advertising complaints.

Restricting the industry from advertising is about changing the way Australians think about alcohol and drinking.

Alcohol advertising is effectively regulated through the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code (ABAC) Scheme – a robust independent system with a government representative on its five-member Management Committee.

The ABAC Scheme covers the content of all marketing, in both traditional and digital media, and any marketing activity associated with sponsorships outside of the use of brand names and logos.

The ABAC standards ensure the content of advertising does not have strong or evident appeal to minors or encourage irresponsible consumption of alcohol, show a change of mood, or suggest that drinking leads to success.

Other relevant media industry codes, as well as state and territory legislation regulates the placement of advertising and marketing, as well as promotional activity for both on-and off-premise outlets.

Globally, virtually all research has found that marketing has no or very little effect on overall alcohol consumption.  The evidence does show that the major influences on young people are peer group norms and parental drinking behaviour.

In Australia, underage drinking is in long-term decline, and the age of initiation (age of first drink) continues to increase.

For industry media comment regarding this issue please contact Alcohol Beverages Australia

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