Pregnancy Warning Labelling

To avoid confusion from conflicting scientific opinions, the industry supports the government guideline that it is safest not to drink while pregnant.

98.8% of Australian women agree, and stop or reduce their drinking when they know they’re pregnant.

The alcohol industry voluntarily invests in educating consumers about this through the placement of pregnancy advice on the labels of its products, and through support of DrinkWise Australia’s educational programs for GPs and women.

Pregnancy Labelling

Alcohol producers in Australia are voluntarily adopting pregnancy advice labels on their products, with over three quarters of products sold (76%) in Australia now displaying advice that it is safest not to drink while pregnant.

The best place for best place for a woman to get information about drinking and pregnancy is from her doctor.

The research consensus on the impact of warning and advice labels is that while these labels can raise awareness of an issue, they do not change drinking behaviour in and of themselves.

For industry media comment regarding these issues please contact Alcohol Beverages Australia

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