General Alcohol Consumption

The way Australians’ are drinking is on the right track: binge drinking is falling, underage drinking is falling, and responsible drinkers are still enjoying themselves.

Australians’ drinking is at a 50 year low and continues to decline. Per capita consumption peaked in 1975 at 13.1L per person and has declined since to 9.7L per person. Australia also has less binge drinking and fewer underage people are starting to drink than a decade ago.

The Australian alcohol beverage industry accepts there are people that misuse alcohol and it has a responsibility to help reduce and prevent this misuse.

The Australian alcohol beverage industry believes if people are misusing alcohol, the best approach is to target them and help them, not punish everyone else that enjoys drinking moderately and responsibly. Industry strongly supports government policies targeted at identified problem groups.

The Australian alcohol beverage industry will continue to support and invest in organisations like DrinkWise Australia, which has a number of effective initiatives to reduce risky drinking in young people and at-risk groups, and improve parental education.  However, we reject programs that are driven at the wider population such as increasing the price of alcohol, reducing its availability, and banning or restricting alcohol marketing and advertising as a proxy for targeting these groups.

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