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More facts on drinking behaviour during COVID

University of NSW has belled the cat on claims Australians have been consuming alcohol to excess during the pandemic restrictions, by finding two thirds of people either decreased or made no change to their drinking habits. The research can calm the hysteria of those groups seeking to impose more...

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ABA Welcomes VIC hospitality decision

Statement by Andrew Wilsmore, CEO, Alcohol Beverages Australia ___ “Finally, Australia is seeing some long-awaited reform in the hospitality sector, more than 20 years after COAG recommended States and Territories achieve a nationally recognised Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate....

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ABA welcomes Tony Ritchie as Director – Media & Communications

Alcohol Beverages Australia (ABA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Tony Ritchie as Director – Media & Communications, effective today, 25 August 2020. Tony will lead ABA’s external and internal communications efforts, showcasing our industry as leaders in encouraging the...

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“FARE’s Annual Alcohol Poll confirms the obvious”

The latest Annual Alcohol Poll Report from the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) confirms what is common knowledge, that most Australians’ drinking occasions are at home and that Australians enjoy the convenience of home delivery. The real question is so what? There is nothing...

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Drinking in moderation is the new norm

16 July 2020   Findings from the most comprehensive, independent, and trusted set of data on Australia’s drinking practices have confirmed a continuation of longstanding positive trends in our community. “These significant results confirm that our drinking culture has permanently changed for...

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Alcohol Beverage Sector is ready to be part of the solution

STATEMENT IN RESPONSE TO VICTORIAN HEALTH GROUPS “Alcohol Beverage Sector is ready to be part of the solution”   DISAPPOINTINGLY, a collection of Victorian taxpayer funded Government agencies and activist groups have attempted to demonise Australia’s world class beer, wine and spirits...

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“Restart the economy by restarting hospitality and tourism”

Behind developing a vaccine, Australians believe the restarting of the hospitality and tourism industry will provide the biggest boost to the economy, in new research released from the ANU today. Mr Andrew Wilsmore, Chief Executive Officer for Alcohol Beverages Australia said today “Australians...

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“Pregnancy Warnings – Let’s get the balance right”

The well-intentioned motion by Senator Griff on pregnancy labelling fails to recognise that FRSC (Food Regulation Standing Committee) and FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand) bureaucrats delivered a proposal that was not in keeping with the clear direction given to them by Governments. Mr...

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“Aussies drinking less in Isolation”

MEDIA RELEASE 21 May 2020 “Aussies drinking less in Isolation” CONTRARY to alarmist claims, it’s now official... Australians are drinking less in isolation. Mr Andrew Wilsmore, Chief Executive Officer of Alcohol Beverages Australia, said today “A spate of dubious polls have captured headlines...

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Majority of Australians drinking the same or less during COVID-19

New, official data1 from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) today confirms the vast majority (85.6%) of Australians are drinking responsibly during the pandemic shutdown – either unchanged behaviour or drinking less during COVID-19. Mr Andrew Wilsmore, Chief Executive Officer of Alcohol...

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Minimal Effort Gone into Review of Minimum Pricing

MEDIA RELEASE - EMBARGOED: 6am, 29 April 2020 The report released today titled “Investigating the introduction of the alcohol minimum unit price in the Northern Territory” has incorrectly assumed long term trends of falling consumption and harms are wholly attributable to the introduction of a...

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“It is important to note that the survey results showing an increase in the number of Australians choosing to have a drink does not equate to either increased consumption of alcohol or increased levels of harmful drinking,” - @AndrewWilsmore

To read more on our submission to the draft National Obesity Strategy, click here: #alcoholconsumption #drinkingtrends

Today is National #AgDayAu where we celebrate farmers and all the AusAg industry has to offer. Choose your new #AgVenture & grow your career in the great industry that is Aust ag @NationalFarmers @D_LittleproudMP @afsnsw @agintegrity @Oscarthefarmer @ScottMorrisonMP @farmer_dj

This week marks a huge milestone for the @SmashedProject. Since its 2018 launch, 100,000 young people in Australia have been educated on the dangers of underage drinking. Thank you @WeAreGibber for your partnership in rolling out #SmashedAustralia

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