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Alcohol Beverage Sector is ready to be part of the solution

STATEMENT IN RESPONSE TO VICTORIAN HEALTH GROUPS “Alcohol Beverage Sector is ready to be part of the solution”   DISAPPOINTINGLY, a collection of Victorian taxpayer funded Government agencies and activist groups have attempted to demonise Australia’s world class beer, wine and spirits...

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“Restart the economy by restarting hospitality and tourism”

Behind developing a vaccine, Australians believe the restarting of the hospitality and tourism industry will provide the biggest boost to the economy, in new research released from the ANU today. Mr Andrew Wilsmore, Chief Executive Officer for Alcohol Beverages Australia said today “Australians...

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“Pregnancy Warnings – Let’s get the balance right”

The well-intentioned motion by Senator Griff on pregnancy labelling fails to recognise that FRSC (Food Regulation Standing Committee) and FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand) bureaucrats delivered a proposal that was not in keeping with the clear direction given to them by Governments. Mr...

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“Aussies drinking less in Isolation”

MEDIA RELEASE 21 May 2020 “Aussies drinking less in Isolation” CONTRARY to alarmist claims, it’s now official... Australians are drinking less in isolation. Mr Andrew Wilsmore, Chief Executive Officer of Alcohol Beverages Australia, said today “A spate of dubious polls have captured headlines...

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Majority of Australians drinking the same or less during COVID-19

New, official data1 from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) today confirms the vast majority (85.6%) of Australians are drinking responsibly during the pandemic shutdown – either unchanged behaviour or drinking less during COVID-19. Mr Andrew Wilsmore, Chief Executive Officer of Alcohol...

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Minimal Effort Gone into Review of Minimum Pricing

MEDIA RELEASE - EMBARGOED: 6am, 29 April 2020 The report released today titled “Investigating the introduction of the alcohol minimum unit price in the Northern Territory” has incorrectly assumed long term trends of falling consumption and harms are wholly attributable to the introduction of a...

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Overall alcohol consumption is down

Data from alcohol producers and recent Commonwealth Bank credit card analysis show that overall alcohol consumption in Australia is lower than it was at the same time last year due to pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants closing. This refutes research put out today conducted by YouGov that was...

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Drinks Industry and Governments provide a helping hand

A number of Governments have helped throw a lifeline to hospitality and tourism workers by allowing on-premises to provide a take-away service and from the raft of business support measures – such as payroll, rent, liquor licencing fees and other forms of relief. Beer, Wine, and Spirits producers...

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Industry welcomes review of Pregnancy Warning Label

The decision by Food Forum Ministers to review the proposed pregnancy warning label designed by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) has been welcomed by the industry. “Our industry has made it very clear that we support mandatory labelling to help reduce FASD, however we need a...

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Minimum Unit Pricing hurts the hip pockets of all Australians

All Australian consumers will pay more for alcohol if Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) is implemented. “It’s a blunt instrument that forces the majority of responsible drinkers to pay more and takes a proportionally greater amount from those on lower incomes,” says Mr Andrew Wilsmore CEO of Alcohol...

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Drinking guidelines made complicated for the average Australian

Most Australians drink alcohol for enjoyment, relaxation and sociability, and do so responsibly. The NHMRC drinking guidelines which help determine harmful levels of consumption are extremely important and must have credibility within both the health community and the public. Mr Andrew Wilsmore,...

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Alcohol consumption continues trend to moderation in latest report

Retail Drinks Australia has today criticised research released by @FAREAustralia regarding the online liquor retailing industry #vicpol

Our industry prides itself on its strong relationship with #regional Australia. Increasing investment into #researchdevelopment will help regional businesses adapt to ever-changing climate conditions and drive more efficient farming practices #Vision2030

Congratulations to the Aussie brands who won big at the International Spirits Challenge 2021

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